High End Piercing and Jewelry

We are bringing in top shelf brands in our stock at Piercing Odense.

Currently we are starting to stock up brands like Neometal which is revolutionary brand bringing thread less jewelry to industry using high end materials and top finishes for jewelry.
Nipple Piercing Jewellery Odense Neometal Jewllers Odense Danmark

We are also working with Travellers Crew Jewellery which have a lot of handmade jewelry for healed and fresh piercings. We have push pin tops in 18k gold gold plated silver septum pieces as well as synthetic opal and other natural stone, fossil and crystal products.
Opal tiger eye jewellers Custom Body Jewellery Odense Custom Ear Weights Odense

And for jewelry collectors we are stocking Flexternal jewelry bases that fit 0,8mm, 0,9mm threads as well as thread less/push pin tops which means that you can still use your good old threaded tops and without switching the system you can get into wonderful world of thread less tops. They Germany made products and approved by big piercing associations and it is a product of Trust Body Modifications.

For high end piercing in Piercing Odense it is highly recommended to make and appointment because we need to make sure that we have pieces necessary processed and sterilized for your appointment.

For available times and jewelry enquiries feel free to contact us via:
e-mail: ask.piercer@gmail.com
Instagram: Piercing Odense
Phone: +4560901145