Piercing Priser

Our piercings are only made with implant grade titanium, with internal threading. This is a new and improved jewelry type, which causes less harm to your skin and piercing.

All piercings are included jewelry.

Jewelry upgrade is also available.

Lobe – 1 for 250kr, 2 for 400kr

Daith “migraine piercing” – 400kr

Industrial – 400kr

Nipple – 400kr, 2 for 700kr

Dermal anchor(micro dermal) – 400kr, 2 for 700kr

Cheeks – 400kr, 2 for 700kr

Tongue – 400kr

Surface piercing – 400kr

Snake bites or spider bites(double lip piercing) – 600kr

Dahlia(lip piercing in side of lip) – 350kr, 2 for 600kr

Madonna, Monroe, medusa, vertical labret, lip – 350kr

Orbital – 400kr

Other ear piercings – 350kr

Septum, nose, bridge, eyebrow – 350kr

Belly button – 350kr

Genital piercings (bellow belt) – 500kr